Lisa Marie Müller


About Lisa Marie Müller

Lisa Marie Müller has been working as a lawyer since 2015 and specialises in product safety and product-related environmental law. She primarily advises companies in the electrical and electronic industry on all matters concerning market access as well as environment and safety-related compliance.

Practice Areas

Business and environment
Legislation and standardisation

Compliance and organisation
Products – market access & liability


Lisa Marie Müller earned her law degree from Humboldt University Berlin. After passing her 1st state examination, she studied “Management de Crise” at Sciences Po Paris to further advance her knowledge in the field of international law. After her 2nd state examination, she worked as a research assistant at a law firm specialising in construction, contracting, planning and environmental law. She has been a member of the Kopp-Assenmacher & Nusser team since 2014. Lisa Marie Müller was admitted to the bar in 2015.

She advises internationally active medium-sized companies in the electronics industry on all matters concerning product safety and product-related environmental law. This includes, in particular, the European and national legal requirements applicable to market access at the German and the European level. Lisa Marie Müller assists companies in questions of environmental and safety-related compliance and oversees the processes of their internal compliance organisations. Furthermore, she advises companies in the fashion tech sector.