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Lawyer Henri Döring
Lawyer Henri Döring

About Henri Döring

Henri Döring joined Kopp-Assenmacher & Nusser as a lawyer in 2020. He advises private enterprises, associations and the public sector on subjects in European and German environmental law, particularly waste, immission protection, water and energy law. Among his specialisations is the cross-border shipment of waste.

Main fields of activity

Business and environment
Utilities and waste management sector
Planning and projects
Legislation and standardisation

Career and range of consulting services

Henri Döring obtained his law degree from the universities of Passau and Kyoto and his degree in Japanese Studies from the universities of Frankfurt am Main and Osaka. After passing his 1st state examination, he worked as a research assistant at an international commercial law firm in Düsseldorf. He passed his 2nd state examination at the end of his legal clerkship at the Higher Regional Court of Düsseldorf, including postings in Colombo, Berlin and Tehran. Next, he worked as an environmental policy officer at the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. He was admitted to the bar in 2020.

Henri Döring primarily provides advice in the field of environmental and planning law where he specialises in waste, immission protection, water and energy law. While working as a lawyer, Henri Döring is pursuing a doctorate on a subject relating to international waste law.