Dr. Fabian Schwartz


About Dr. Fabian Schwartz

Dr. Fabian Schwartz has been working as a lawyer since 2012. He specialises in approval procedure law, public planning and construction law, immission control law, nature conservation law, inland navigation law and information law. Primarily, he advises and represents medium-sized companied in administrative law matters, particularly in approval procedures.

Practice Areas

Business and environment
Legislation and standardisation

Planning and projects
Climate protection and energy transition

Career and range of consulting services

Dr. Fabian Schwartz studied in Hamburg, Montpellier and Berlin and completed his legal clerkship at the Higher Regional Court of Berlin, including postings in Munich and Tokyo. In 2011, he received his doctorate in European law from Humboldt University Berlin where he also worked as a research assistant (chair: Prof. Dr. Kloepfer).

For the most part, he advises medium-sized companies on the legal parameters applying to the planning, environmental, nature conservation and construction-related aspects of their activities. He oversees approval procedures, in particular in matters of environmental impact assessment, land use planning as well as public participation and public authority participation. Dr. Schwartz is a regular speaker on approval law and information law subjects at seminars and advanced training events.