Competences Utilities and waste management industry

The environmentally compatible supply of electricity, heat and water and the disposal of residual substances, for instance waste or sewage, are part of the existential necessities of our lives. In this context, the protection of resources following a sustainable management approach is a central challenge. It is our goal to ensure legal security in the utilities and waste management industry and to help shape the regulatory framework.

We advise the energy and power plant industry on all questions of environmental law, such as approval law, waste and product law and project planning, as well as post-closure maintenance of decommissioned plants.

On behalf of the water industry, we are also active in specific areas such as water treatment, supply security and wastewater treatment, including sewage sludge recycling. Moreover, we deal with all questions relating to micro-plastics and trace substances prevention as well as heavy rain preparedness and flood protection.

We advise and represent numerous waste management companies in all matters of waste law, such as the waste/product definition, the implementation of the waste hierarchy and the collection, transport, trading and brokering of waste as well as the cross-border shipment of waste. Our clients include scores of waste treatment plants, in particular interim storage facilities, sorting and processing plants as well as waste incineration plants and landfills.

We draft contracts and enforce contractual claims on behalf of the utilities and waste management industry. Our advisory services focus on maximum legal security in terms of organisation as well as on product responsibility.

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