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The scope and the intensity of soil, nature and landscape utilisation is governed by planning law. While regional planning relates to the regional level, zoning law relates to the local level. Specialised planning is geared towards achieving a certain objective at the planning level. Ecologically-relevant projects must be diligently prepared and planned in compliance with their legal and technical approval conditions and process requirements.
Our advisory services cover all questions associated with urban land use planning (development plan and land utilisation plan), regional planning and specialist planning. We provide advisory and representation services for instance for constructions and extensions of traffic infrastructure (particularly planning and implementation of highways, railways and waterways) and pipeline infrastructure (such as pipelines and power lines), port development and landfill construction. Following on from planning law, we also advise our clients on questions of planning permission law, building conservation law and the law of public streets and roads, taking into account all relevant environmental legislation.

Drawing on our extensive, long-standing experience in the field of project planning, we ensure the approvability of projects in terms of procedural law and substantive law. We assist clients in industry and commerce and in the utilities and waste management sector as well as public clients.

Plan approval procedures generally require compliance with extensive public participation provisions and environmental impact assessments. Thanks to the extensive experience we have gathered in administrative proceedings, we make sure that no procedural or substantial errors occur which could result in appeals or annulments of approval decisions.

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