Competences Legislation and standardisation

The European and German legal frameworks governing public commercial law, especially environmental, planning and product law, is becoming increasingly complex. The array of regulations, the mechanisation of provisions and the interdependence between regulatory areas pose considerable challenges to both legislators and the legal practitioners concerned. However, uniformity and consistency of the legal system as well as comprehensibility and manageability of standards are all necessary prerequisites for business and administration.

We accompany legislative processes at the European and the national level and review their medium- and long-term effects on the affected economic sectors. Moreover, we combine aspects of technology law with constitutional and European legal requirements to develop practical solutions. On top of this, we assist companies, associations and federations as well as state institutions in the legally secure shaping and interpretation of environmental and product law requirements, including guidelines under technology law.

At the secondary legislation level, numerous technical regulations and standards apply, such as BAT reference documents and BAT conclusions, administrative regulations setting out standards, such as TA Luft (air quality) and TA Lärm (noise protection) or technical building regulations, as well as technical rules (TRGS, TRBS, TRwS – hazardous substances, industrial safety, water polluting substances – etc.) and accident prevention regulations. Standardisation also plays a crucial role in harmonizing the Single European Market, especially in the field of product law. All these sets of rules and standards must be classified as to their legally binding character, both in public law and in civil law. In conjunction with our clients, it is our aim to help shape and apply the regulatory framework governing environmental law and product law in the respective industries on a legally secure basis.

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