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In the Federal Republic of Germany, entrepreneurial responsibility has always been a cornerstone of the general business philosophy. Our economic culture is based on structural and procedural organisations that implement all legal requirements. With rising complexity of the legal framework, companies require highly specialised compliance advice that is tailored to specific regulatory areas. While existing organisational structures, in particular proven business processes, should be retained as far as possible, there must be delegation and binding regulations pertaining to the assignment of responsibilities, especially in large companies. In order to protect the management and all persons acting in a responsible capacity against avoidable liability risks, the aim must be to ensure legally compliant action at all management levels through organisations that guarantee maximum legal security. Our consulting goes beyond mere recommendations for improvement and actively shapes the implementation of the results within the company.

Our service spectrum ranges from the classic environment, health and safety organisation (EHS) in industry and commerce to advice on the perception and implementation of operator responsibilities in the real estate sector and the challenges manufacturers face in the field of product compliance, such as the implementation of a material compliance system. For instance, we draft delegation of duties schedules, operation procedures and interface agreements between corporate divisions and group companies, we draw up contracts for the transfer of road safety obligations and due diligence obligations to external third parties and we assist in the creation of legal registers with collateral clause management and documentation that meets the relevant legal requirements. If the stage for a precautionary advisory approach is already past, we also represent our clients in misdemeanour proceedings of all types as well as in cases of environmental criminal law.

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