Competences Climate protection and energy transition

Climate change is perhaps the biggest challenge of our time. In recent years, heat records, droughts and heavy rainfall events have repeatedly drawn our attention. The associated debate is now being conducted on a broad social and political basis.

Climate protection is one of the central answers to the challenge posed by climate change. Individual climate protection instruments, such as the trade in greenhouse gas emission certificates, have been in use for many years. Nevertheless, the protection targets formulated at the European and national levels require further efforts. The reduction of conventional and high-polluting forms of energy production, specifically measures designed to decarbonise energy production, go hand in hand with the increased use of renewable energies and efforts to improve energy efficiency.

We assist clients of all industries and sizes in questions of climate protection and the energy transition. This includes, for instance, subsidies and fees in connection with the German Renewable Energy Sources Act and the German Combined Heat and Power Generation Act or emissions trading under the German Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Act, as well as the energy-saving potential associated with the building stock or the ecological design of energy consumption-relevant products. We shape the necessary legal bases that apply, for instance, to biogas/biomass power plants, wind power plants and photovoltaic plants, including planning law requirements (e.g. regional planning, land use planning), requirements under approval regulations (e.g. pursuant to the German Immission Control Act) and the other prerequisites under environmental law (e.g. nature and species protection law). We also concentrate on the legal aspects associated with adaptation to the consequences of climate change, such as heavy rainfall events, floods and periods of drought.

Furthermore, we advise the public sector as well as companies and associations on the possibilities and limits legal instruments face in shaping the parameters that govern climate protection and the energy transition. It is our aim to tackle socio-political and legal challenges not in opposition to but in conjunction with the industries and stakeholders concerned.

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